Business Administration Services

You likely have a plethora of tasks that hurt your productivity and take focus away from growing your business. We’re not just computer saavy – we’re fast. Crazy fast. Let us improve your productivity by offloading the things that slow you down.

Computer Services

  • Document Creation & Updates
  • Excel Creation & Modification
  • Presentation Creation & Modification
  • Microsoft Office Products Use & Integration
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting

Administration Services

  • Contract Administrative Assistant
  • Customer Service Liaison
  • Public Relations Management
  • Email Management & Inquiries
  • Office & File Organization
  • Home Office Organization

Additional Services

Flexible Support Options

No Project Too Small

Whether you need one hour a month or forty, no project is too small.


Crazy Fast!

We’re proud to have exceptional turn around times. What do you need?

Cost Benefit

How much money can you make if it takes us 15 minutes to do what might take you an hour? Ask us how!