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Simple Solution for Managing Passwords

It might sound simple, but one of the little things you can do to simplify your business and your life this year is get control of your passwords. Too many people have the same password for every site they use and with prevalence of hacking, this becomes a very dangerous habit. Don’t waste your time telling me how hard it is to create and manage passwords – I know, the struggle is real. Correction, the struggle was real. Enter Read More →


Home Office Organization

Many of us work at least part of the time from our home office but have you given much thought to the functionality and ‘vibe’ of this work space? If you’re spending any amount of time here at all it is worth a little bit of time and organization to make sure that it is as functional as your corporate space, and maybe even more comfortable! Here are some tips to help ensure you’re as productive as you can be:

  • Dedicated ...
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