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Writing for Websites

You’re a successful professional. You own your own business. You can certainly write. Of all the services I offer, writing is the one that gets overlooked the most – at first. Yes, you’re capable of writing but there are several reasons why you shouldn’t.

  • Writing for Websites is Different – Very Different. English teachers cover your ears, but other than spelling, grammar and syntax, everything that we learned in school about writing is outdated. The pace of life is different. Technology is different. Our audience is different.
  • Reaching Spiders and People. No, not insect spiders, Search Engine spiders – the code that links your prospective client’s search to your website. Yes, we have to take them into consideration but not at the expense or exclusion of your audience. It takes a lot of skill and experience to write in such a way that appeals to human beings and technology both.
  • Audience Attention Span. There is none. You have seconds to grab someone’s attention – literally seconds. If you haven’t immediately grabbed their attention, you’ve lost them and they’re on to the next website.
  • The Rules are Constantly Changing. I can tell you what the rules of technology are today and they will change tomorrow. Is it worth your time to constantly monitor these changes to make sure that your website is still getting ranked the way you need it to?
  • Quality Writing Takes Time. Yes, you could put some content out there but will it be as effective as it needs to be to reach your existing and potential clients? Your time is likely better spent developing your product or working with your customers.

As a business owner, it’s not about what we are capable of doing but rather investing our time where it is most valuable. There are certain things that you outsource for that reason: taxes, accounting, car repairs and maintenance… Somethings are better left to the experts in that field. Let us show you how outsourcing your writing needs frees you up to be more productive and efficient.


About the Author:

Christina has been a freelance consultant and trainer since 2010 and enjoys helping her client's grow and improve their businesses. When she's not working, she enjoys motorcycling with her husband through the Washington countryside, cooking and keeping the yard from turning into a jungle.
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