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Managing Your Task List | Distinctive Communication Services


Managing Your Task List

With the New Year approaching, you may be thinking about your professional and personal goals for the upcoming year. Although I’ve never put much stock in New Year’s Resolutions per se, it is a good practice to think about where you want your business to be in the next year and create actionable tasks that will help get you there. There are a ton of options available to help you manage your task lists, and I’ve tried dozens over the years, but one of my top favorites is Toodledo.

There are many reasons why I love using and recommending this program:

  • Free & Paid Account Options
  • Extensive feature set, even for free accounts
  • Scalability
  • Easy to Use & Highly Customizable
  • Online and Mobile/Apps
  • Ability to Delegate/Coordinate with Internal and External Teams
  • Easy to modify as your needs change
  • Flexible enough for both Personal and Business use
  • Highly Customizable Saved Searches

As with any new solution, it will only be as powerful as you allow it to me. Meaning, you will want to give yourself time to slowly learn and adapt the features that you need and want, as well as train yourself to fully harness and utilize the system.

Although the solution is simple enough to implement on your own, of course I’m always available to help streamline both the implementation of the technology and help you develop a process that will make it easier for you to track and manage your short-term and long-term goals.

On a side note, they have a great article about their alignment with the Getting Things DoneĀ® methodology that may be helpful if you’re getting organized online for the first time and/or need some inspiration to get started.

Best of luck in your New Year goal development and I look forward to helping you grow your business.


About the Author:

Christina has been a freelance consultant and trainer since 2010 and enjoys helping her client's grow and improve their businesses. When she's not working, she enjoys motorcycling with her husband through the Washington countryside, cooking and keeping the yard from turning into a jungle.
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