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Fav Software: OneNote | Distinctive Communication Services


Fav Software: OneNote

As you’ve likely figured out by now, we love sharing our favorite software programs with you. One of the programs that easily cracks the top five favorites is Microsoft’s OneNote. The funny thing is, considering how easy it is to use, and how much we love it now, it wasn’t immediately obvious how we would utilize it. Ironically, the one thing that makes the program super awesome, is also what makes it’s user harder to pinpoint it’s use – flexibility.

It’s so flexible in fact that we really can’t tell you how you’ll use it, but we can give you some ideas for how you might like to use it:

  • Project Information
  • Client Details
  • Task Lists & Action Items
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Team Collaboration
  • Recording information you want to store, retain or utilize

In addition to it’s flexibility, there are a host of other features that makes it extra awesome:

  • Free: both the software and the App are free to download
  • Access Anywhere: computer (software), online (website), mobile (app)
  • Auto Sync: the program automatically syncs between all instances of the application
  • Amazing Search: the most amazing search capabilities ever
  • Share: collaborate with teams, internal or external

Because of the generic flexibility of the program, our best recommendation is to take an brief overview of the features and functionality, and allow specific ideas to develop from there. We can easily give you a whirlwind overview in an hour or review most of the program’s features in less than 3 – 4 hours.

The best thing about the program is you don’t have to have a vision for it’s use before you get started. The best thing you can do is start using it and allow it to grow and develop as you go.

If there’s a software that you’ve been desiring for your business and aren’t sure if OneNote can fill that need, give us a call and let’s chat about the options.


About the Author:

Christina has been a freelance consultant and trainer since 2010 and enjoys helping her client's grow and improve their businesses. When she's not working, she enjoys motorcycling with her husband through the Washington countryside, cooking and keeping the yard from turning into a jungle.
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