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Real Estate Support Services

If you’re a Real Estate Agent/Broker you’re likely a Dynamic/Promoter/Closer personality type. People gravitate to you and you’re very successful in this industry. Me – I’m an Analytical. We’re the redheads of the Real Estate world – possible, but not statistically prevalent. What does that mean for you? I know this is going to be hard to believe so you might want to sit down – I love doing everything that you hate. Really.

  • That client database that you hate, I can streamline it and turn it into an analytical tool that you can use to grow your business.
  • The Listing Entry that takes too long to complete, I can maximize to reach more searches and create descriptions that entice and compel people to visit your listing.
  • I enjoy creating or updating website to make it a reflection of your personality.
  • Figuring out where to farm is a breeze with my analytical skills and tools that I’ve honed over the years.
  • All the different technologies that feel out of control, I can turn into streamlined, simplified processes that work for you instead of against you.

In short, we’re the perfect combination. Yin and Yang. Together we create an unstoppable, dynamic force of Real Estate power.

As a Real Estate Broker, there was so much I loved about the industry but when I’m honest with myself, I realize my strongest skills lie in all of the support systems that make a Broker successful. I know that you have a list of 12-100 things that would help you be more efficient, or help you to grow faster, and I would love helping you start checking those items off your list.

What does your business need to grow?

Every successful Real Estate Broker has a support team. No matter how amazing you are, you cannot do it all on your own – and you don’t have to. Maybe you can’t afford full-time help right now or perhaps you just don’t want the responsibility of coming up with x number of hours a week to delegate. Doesn’t matter. Whether you need one hour a month or forty, I can structure our relationship to fit your needs, whatever they are. Give me a call today and let’s find a way to help you reach your next goal.


About the Author:

Christina has been a freelance consultant and trainer since 2010 and enjoys helping her client's grow and improve their businesses. When she's not working, she enjoys motorcycling with her husband through the Washington countryside, cooking and keeping the yard from turning into a jungle.
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